Test papers for QE BOYs entry

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Test papers for QE BOYs entry

Hi Everyone

Where can I get QE BOYS school Test papers?
Also would really appreciate knowing the subjects in these tests.
Do you think we can get some info from the school if we go and talk to them.

Sorry I am new to this
Thank you very much



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Hi Jellybean
As far as I know, you can't buy test papers and the schools don't give them out - quite rightly they feel it defeats the object. From what I can gather, the test formats are something like:

First Round-
Verbal Reasoning:80 Questions/50 Minutes/Multiple Choice
Non-Verbal Reasoning:40 Questions/20 Minutes/20 Questions and 10 minutes per section/2 Sections/Multiple Choice

Second Round-
Maths:50 Questions/50 Minutes/Multiple Choice
English:49 Questions/45 Minutes/1 long and 1 short comprehension/2 sections of grammar/Multiple Choice

Have a look in the private tutors section, there's loads on there with good refs. The QE exams are pretty typical of most 11+ papers.